We have a clear vision of the road ahead. 
Our destination is the future of mobility.
Our fuel is the desire to grow,
to improve and to lead the change to a more sustainable future.
Our route begins where the unique strengths of our brands
intersect with the unique qualities of our people.

Let’s make the journey together.

Home of unique people and brands

We are strongly committed to transforming our business and leading the change to advance a more sustainable society.

That’s why working for our Group is a significant and exciting challenge for those who are driven by the desire to grow and make a difference in the world we live in.

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Driven by our Purpose and Values

Emerging from a bottom-up process involving all our colleagues worldwide, our Purpose and Values unite us and reflect our identity, representing an exceptional ethos that motivates us all to explore innovative solutions and make a meaningful difference in the transport sector.

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Our Future, now

Making a difference in our sector means creating a more sustainable world for us all.

This is what drives us to work daily to build our future. We hold to clear sustainability objectives, reflected in our operations and services, strengthened by our people and partners.

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