Turin, 9th February 2024

Performance bonus for the year 2023 to Iveco Group employees in Italy

Iveco Group (EXM: IVG) announced today during a meeting with the Trade Unions the values of the contractual bonus for the approximately 14.000 Group’s employees in Italy, payable with their February salaries. The bonus values are related to the performance registered by each production unit during 2024, calculated on the basis of indicators aimed at enhancing the contribution of employees to the achievement of the company's competitiveness and profitability objectives.

Following the results achieved in terms of productivity, compliance with delivery times and product quality, all the Group's production sites – Turin engines and Turin drivelines, Brescia commercial vehicles and Brescia specialty vehicles, Bolzano and Vittorio Veneto, Piacenza, Suzzara and Foggia – and also the personnel not belonging to a manufacturing plant will receive a bonus, each amounting to an average of 1,000 euros gross.