A number of independent analysts cover Iveco Group, and these include:


Analyst Company
Borrega M. BNP Paribas Exane
Montorsi V.
Kempf N. Deutsche Bank
De Ambroggi M. Equita SIM
Costa D. Goldman Sachs
Bertuzzo G.
Bosio M. Intesa Sanpaolo
Asumendi J. JP Morgan
Raverdy A. Kepler Cheuvreux
Balloni A. Mediobanca
 Kirunda S.  Morgan Stanley


Any opinions, estimates or forecasts these and other independent analysts make regarding Iveco Group are theirs alone, and do not represent the forecasts, opinions or predictions of Iveco Group or its management.

Inclusion on this list does not imply any endorsement of or agreement with their opinions, conclusions, information or recommendations by Iveco Group.

Iveco Group Q1 2024 and FY 2024-2027 Consensus

Turin, 19th April 2024. The Investor Relations team monitors the financial analysts’ consensus on selected KPI for Iveco Group and its major business sectors. A summary of our most recent findings is provided in the table below.

The figures are provided here as a service to analysts and investors, and reflect Iveco Group’s understanding (in terms of arithmetic average) of the most recent updated analyst estimates of its future results. The data are referred to the Continuing Operations only, which exclude the Fire Fighting Business Unit, qualified as Discontinued Operations since Iveco Group signed a definitive agreement for the transfer of its ownership, as announced on 13th March 2024.

With reference to the data by segments, they are consistent with:

  • the new reporting structure by Business Unit (as presented on 14th March 2024 and effective starting from 1st January 2024), and
  • the presentation published on 8th April 2024, with the 2022 & 2023 quarterly and annual Net Revenues and Adjusted EBIT figures duly recast).

They do not constitute an endorsement or judgement by Iveco Group as to the accuracy of the analysts’ estimates of its future results, nor are intended as Iveco Group’s own guidance or prediction as to such results.

The consensus is based on a set of independent analysts, who provided the IR team with updates on their evaluation models of Iveco Group. A detailed list of covering Iveco Group stock, by brokerage house, is available on Iveco Group’s website (Investors > Stock Information > Analyst Coverage & Consensus).

This survey is based on estimates provided by 9 analysts, either in recent printed reports or as a response to the survey requested by Iveco Group IR on 9th April 2024. Please note, however, that not all analysts provided estimates for each item and for all periods. As such, different items and different periods may not be representative of the same sample, and cannot be deemed to be mutually consistent.

We do not guarantee that changes to estimates are communicated to us on a timely basis. These consensus figures may not fully reflect the actual expectations of the set of financial analysts surveyed or of the financial community at large

All data in EUR millions (otherwise specified), refer to Continuing Operations only, excluding the Fire Fighting Business Unit’s figures.

Our current understanding of the consensus is as follows:

Date of last update: 19th April 2024.