We are supporting Metallica for the European leg of the band’s M72 World Tour with our multi-energy fleet.

Our IVECO and IVECO BUS vehicles are helping reduce the tour’s CO2 emissions, and several other initiatives are being implemented based on the core values of environmental sustainability and social responsibility embraced by both the brand and the band.

Sustainable fleet logistics

IVECO is providing a sustainable multi-energy convoy to move Metallica and equipment between venues, including 10 IVECO S-Way heavy-duty LNG and 4 IVECO S-Way trucks powered by renewable diesel.

Additional logistic support comes from a convoy comprising 2 electric IVECO S-eWay, 2 IVECO S-Way LNG and 1 IVECO S-Way trucks which run on renewable diesel.

Low-impact shuttle buses

The crew shuttle service to concert venues throughout the European tour is provided by IVECO BUS, with two eDaily electric minibuses and a renewable diesel-compatible Evadys coach, ensuring that the staff move about sustainably and comfortably.

Special Edition M72 livery

IVECO designed a special edition livery for the fleet, inspired by Metallica's '72 Seasons album colours. The trucks feature a black and bright yellow exterior, with the Metallica logo adorning the grille. A limited series of 72 high-end heavy-duty trucks with exclusive outfitting will be released later this year.

Truck drivers at the centre

A vlogger will document the trip between certain venues, highlighting the essential role of truckers. A contest is underway for drivers to submit videos of themselves performing Metallica music with concert tickets as prizes.

Fans can also create personalised Metallica truck-themed backgrounds for social media via the MY METALLICA TRUCK app.

IVECO Village

A standout attraction at the nine concert venues is the IVECO Village, a fan area where a heavy-duty electric IVECO S-Way truck and a customised IVECO motorhome are on display with the striking M72 livery. Here fans have the chance to take photos against our truck’s specially decorated front grille.

Community contributions

IVECO and Metallica are united by a commitment to social responsibility. Donations made at each stop of the tour by local organisations will be matched by both the brand and the band through Metallica's All Within My Hands Foundation. These contributions will be delivered through grants to support the fight against hunger and provide emergency services for the homeless and vulnerable women and children.

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