Turin, 23rd February 2024

Iveco Group N.V. updates its 2024 Corporate Calendar

Iveco Group N.V. (EXM: IVG) announces the earnings release for 2024 Q2 results is brought forward to 24th July 2024

The corporate calendar for the remaining part of 2024, which includes this update, is as follows:

Date Earnings releases/other events
17th April  Annual General Meeting of Shareholders
22th April Ex-dividend date (subject to the AGM’s approval of the dividend distribution proposal)
10th May Results for 1st quarter 2024
24th July  Results for 2nd quarter and 1st half 2024
7th November Results for 3rd quarter 2024


The 2024 corporate calendar is available on the corporate website: www.ivecogroup.com.