Turin, 16th November 2023

IVECO concludes its biggest investment cycle ever with the launch of a completely renewed product and service offering

IVECO, the brand of Iveco Group N.V. (EXM: IVG) that designs, manufactures and markets light, medium and heavy commercial vehicles, presented its renewed product range and service offering to more than 1,300 customers, dealers, partners and international media at the “Be the Change” launch event held yesterday in Barcelona, Spain.

For the first time in its history, the brand has renewed every single product line in its entire range at the same time with the conclusion of its biggest investment ever: 1 billion euros. This new chapter in the history of IVECO is the outcome of an ambitious strategy and a sharp focus on the four pillars of business productivity, driver experience, sustainability and connectivity.

The major investment involved key areas of R&D for the new Model Year 2024 (MY24) range: CO2 emission reduction and fuel efficiency for the internal combustion engine vehicles, and a renewed zero-emission vehicle portfolio. The all-new FPT Industrial XCursor 13 multi-fuel engine on the profoundly upgraded MY24 S-Way heavy-duty truck is the latest creation of the Cursor engine since it was first introduced on the market back in the 90’s; the new S-Way offers fuel savings of up to 10% in diesel and gas and, if run on bio-liquefied natural gas, it can completely eliminate CO2 emissions in a well-to-wheel cycle. These powertrains position IVECO heavy-duty trucks in Class 2 for German highway tolls, and some of the models (including all gas trucks) in Class 3, resulting in significant savings for fleet owners.

Developments in the electric versions of IVECO’s light and heavy lines also reached new levels. The eDaily, the battery-electric version of the DAILY, now has a range of up to 400 km in urban real-world usage, and 20 minutes of rapid charging delivers 100 km of autonomy. The S-eWay is the first electric-born software distinctive heavy-duty truck engineered and manufactured by IVECO; it offers a range of up to 500 km under full load and normal working conditions, with 80% recharging in 90 minutes at 350kW of rapid charging.

Connectivity is a key feature that is now standard on all models and versions in the new range for real-time tracking and fleet management. IVECO offers a comprehensive portfolio of telematic services based on Artificial Intelligence algorithms – such as predictive functionalities, route optimisation, driving style evaluation, etc. – developed to improve the productivity and profitability of customers’ businesses. These services can add an extra 4% efficiency to a vehicle. Today, around 100,000 IVECO vehicles are connected, and the ambition is to reach half a million by 2030.

Safety remains a priority as well. Various Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) – such as a blind spot warning information system, driver drowsiness attention warning and traffic jam assist – have been incorporated in the new range to enhance safety in and around the vehicle, extending beyond regulatory requirements, with protection for vulnerable road users.

The new vehicle offer is completed by a rapidly evolving ecosystem of financial solutions. IVECO CAPITAL, whose portfolio has grown by nearly 40% over the last three years, provides competitive financing, leasing and insurance services for the whole range, in partnership with primary banks and financial institutions. In addition, through GATE (Green & Advanced Transport Ecosystem), the all-inclusive pay-per-use platform for the long-term rental of “green” commercial vehicles, customers are offered a full suite of services to guarantee their “peace of mind” while entering the electric mobility space. As GATE evolves, it will also include vehicles powered by biomethane, compressed or liquefied, so that customers have access to turnkey mobility solutions for the carbon-neutral vehicles of their choice.

IVECO marked the opening of this new chapter in its history with the unveiling of a refreshed logo that embodies the concept of “pulse of change”. The logo stands tall in black to reflect the brand’s dynamism and innovation, while maintaining a proud link with its history, and the blue “flash of light” in the centre points to the brand’s new energy future.

To close the launch event, a special announcement was made about a partnership between IVECO and rock legends Metallica. IVECO will support Metallica during the European leg of their M72 World Tour, running from May to July 2024, with electric and natural gas trucks accompanying the band across various locations, and IVECO electric and gas minibuses serving as shuttles during the concerts. The IVECO vehicles will help reduce the tour’s CO2 emissions, and several other initiatives will be implemented based on the core values of environmental sustainability and social responsibility embraced by both the brand and the band. The theme song for the full MY24 range is “It’s Electric” performed by Metallica.

Luca Sra, President, Truck Business Unit, Iveco Group, said: “Today, we are opening a new chapter with the Model Year 2024 full range, which demonstrates our ability to ‘be the change’. Remaining true to our nature of ‘humble fighters and fearless creators’, we support our customers with a 360° mobility ecosystem, a choice of technologies that best suits their needs across all segments, and one of the most advanced and extensive service offers on the market. Bolstered by nearly 50 years of history, this launch is truly electric both for our cutting-edge e-trucks and e-vans, and for the energy that the entire IVECO team is putting behind driving the road of change.”