Turin, 20th June 2023

Iveco Group launches its first Sustainability & DE&I Week

Since its inception, Iveco Group (MI: IVG) has been driven by a determination to make a positive impact on the world and create long-term value for all its stakeholders. Sustainability is at the core of the Company’s Strategic Business Plan and its business is conducted in an economically sound, environmentally friendly, and socially beneficial manner.

Demonstrating this commitment, the Group has launched a new Company-wide initiative, the “Sustainability and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) Week”. The entire organisation numbering more than 35,000 people has been invited to participate in a full schedule of activities from 19th to 23rd June.

Iveco Group senior leaders are playing a major role, hosting live streams and panel discussions every day to explore the four sustainability priorities that define the Group’s Environmental Social Governance (ESG) strategy: carbon footprint, workplace & product safety, life cycle thinking and inclusion & engagement. Particular attention is being given to DE&I through networking initiatives, training and discussion groups on relevant topics such as exploring bias and how to reduce it, and an awareness campaign that coincides with Pride Month. These and many other DE&I projects carried out throughout the year in all our regions, reaffirm the Group’s commitment to standing in solidarity with everyone contributing their diverse strengths, as per one of the Values of the Company (“we contribute diverse strengths”).

Local teams are coordinating volunteering projects around the world in support of the communities where Iveco Group operates, with employees working side-by-side with NGOs in various cities, including Bangkok, Cordoba, Istanbul, Madrid, Shanghai, Sete Lagoas, Ulm, Vysoke Myto and Turin. The effort in this Italian city will fund Rise Against Hunger, a global non-profit movement to end hunger.

The Sustainability & DE&I Week kicked off with a panel discussion hosted by Gerrit Marx, Chief Executive Officer, Iveco Group, and key senior leaders for this topic. Edna Ogwangi, Chief Programs Officer of Rise Against Hunger, also participated in the panel discussion. During the week, several other sessions with internal experts will take place to give employees greater insight into the Company’s Sustainability targets through discussions involving professional experiences and best practices.

Iveco Group uses a set of approximately 200 sustainability-related performance indicators to give maximum coverage of all its key ESG aspects. A summary of the Group’s sustainability strategy, commitments and actions has just been released on the occasion of the Sustainability and DE&I Week and is now available on the corporate website: Iveco Group 2022 Sustainability Essentials.

Gerrit Marx, CEO, Iveco Group, commented: “Iveco Group aims to contribute to a more sustainable future for all, and this means keeping our promises to our employees, customers, shareholders, suppliers, dealers and partners – but this is not enough. Our purpose states that we commit to advancing a more sustainable society: integrity and respect are fundamental pre-requisites for fully working according to the Sustainability and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion principles, which are at the centre of all the activities, meetings and insights taking place this week.”