Turin, 21st December 2023

Iveco Group admitted to the Cooperative Compliance regime with the Italian Revenue Agency

Iveco Group N.V. (EXM: IVG) and its main Italian subsidiaries, Iveco S.p.A. and FPT Industrial S.p.A., have been admitted to the Italian Cooperative Compliance regime. This admission follows the assessment carried out by the Italian Revenue Agency, which recognised the Group's adoption of an effective Tax Control Framework, i.e. the system for the detection, measurement, management and control of tax risks.

The implementation of the Tax Control Framework and the admission to the Cooperative Compliance regime are in line with Iveco Group’s highest ethical standards, outlined in the Code of Conduct, and its sustainability principles. This admission allows the Group to establish an enhanced relationship with the Italian Tax Authority, based on mutual trust and transparency, increasing the level of certainty regarding situations likely to generate tax risks, through constant and preventive interlocutions.

Anna Tanganelli, Chief Financial Officer, Iveco Group, said: "Admission to the Cooperative Compliance regime is recognition of the strategic importance Iveco Group places in the proper management of tax risk and, more generally, in the values of ethics, legality and transparency in dealing with tax affairs. Entering the regime is in line with our sustainability strategy, given tax revenues play a key role in the economic and social development of the countries in which we operate."