Turin, 7th March 2022

Iveco Group’s support to the people impacted by the Russia-Ukraine conflict

Iveco Group has been following the terrible situation caused by the invasion of Ukraine from its earliest stages and the armed conflict that has developed and is ongoing in the Ukrainian territory. We firmly condemn the armed invasion of an independent and free state and are of course abiding by the current sanctions imposed on Russia by the European Union.

As always for Iveco Group, the safety and well-being of our people are our topmost priorities. From the very initial signs of escalation, our first thoughts and actions were modeled on our will to support our people and their families, as well as to understand how we can offer a helping hand to our dealers, suppliers, and other stakeholders in the areas of the conflict.

With this goal in mind, we are granting logistics and housing support for our Ukrainian colleagues and their families who choose to move to safer areas of the country, and we are providing communication support and financial aid. We are also assisting our colleagues and their family members who are allowed to move out of the country, if that is their desire. Identical care, which extends to legal and psychological support as well as special financial initiatives for those in need, is offered to all employees impacted by this conflict: Iveco Group has a community made up of more than 160 nationalities and we stand with all of our people.

Furthermore, we are taking actions to support the populations who are suffering from the war through diverse initiatives which will provide food and other goods for basic needs directly to the local population; will allow children undergoing oncological care in Ukraine to be treated in an Italian hospital; and will particularly and actively sustain women’s and children’s rights, including through educational activities for the refugees. We are also assessing the viability of an in-kind donation of our products to support humanitarian operations and the transport of civilians and essential goods.