Turin, Italy, April 18th, 2024


FPT Industrial, the Iveco Group brand dedicated to the design, production, and sale of lowenvironmental impact powertrains, is widening its already extensive engine line-up for power generation with the launch of the new 4-cylinder G-Drive R24. With its unveiling alongside the C13 model planned for Middle East Energy in Dubai, the Middle East and Africa’s most comprehensive energy exhibition that was canceled due to exceptionally inclement weather, the new G-Drive R24 offers an effective solution for all emergency and prime power applications in the 20 to 40kVA range.

With over 30,000 units/year sold worldwide, FPT Industrial is a leader in the power generation engines segment. Its expanded line-up, ranging from 2.4 l to 16 l, complies with worldwide emission standards, ensuring optimal performance across various applications. From stationary backup to mobile prime power, FPT Industrial engines cater to a broad spectrum of power generation needs, always delivering energy security in all environments and situations.

Continuing the roadmap towards achieving carbon neutrality for its events, FPT Industrial will calculate their total carbon footprint, taking into consideration transport of materials, goods and people, energy consumption, set-up, and dismantling, to name just some of the factors that generate CO2 emissions, and despite the cancellation of the show, it will offset these emissions through the purchase of certified carbon credits.

Despite the cancellation of the exhibition, on April 16th FPT Industrial was able, as sole Sponsor, to welcome customers and guests at Energy Meet 2024, a networking event organized by Generazione Distribuita, the Italian Association of Manufacturers and Distributors of Engines, Components and Generating Sets.


The R24 is FPT Industrial’s new engine in the low-displacement power generation field. It comes as a compact four-cylinder G-Drive, complete with engine, radiator, and air filter for a limited footprint. Single-side servicing facilitates and speeds up maintenance activities. Featuring a simple and reliable mechanical pump, the R24 engine platform is available in naturally aspirated and turbocharged models, covering power outputs from 20 kVA to 40 kVA. The new R24 delivers excellent transient load response for any stand-by and prime application. The flexibility to switch between 50 Hz to 60 Hz offers efficient stock management for customers.


The Cursor 13 is the ideal solution when top power output and exceptional compactness are crucial. It uses a heavy-duty Common Rail system offering high performance, excellent transient load response, and optimized fuel efficiency for both unregulated and Stage V / Tier 4F markets.

Designed to provide a reliable power supply in the most severe conditions and operating environments, the C13 is switchable between 50 Hz and 60 Hz to meet all customer needs. It delivers best-in-class operating costs thanks to its 600 h service interval. Thanks to the installed cooling pack and air cleaner, the G-Drive layout is FPT’s quick-tomarket solution.


Developed to bring digitization and connectivity to customers, enabling them to have relevant information at the tips of their fingers alongside quick, efficient and tailored support, the MyFPT app delivers engine information and support via your smartphone. Just connect the plug-andplay FPT Industrial dongle to the machine’s diagnostics port, then pair the MyFPT app via Bluetooth, and the live status of each and every one of your engines will be immediately available.

FPT Industrial is a brand of Iveco Group N.V. (EXM: IVG), dedicated to the design, production, and sale of powertrains and solutions for on- and off-road vehicles, as well as marine and power generation applications. Over 8,000 people across ten production sites and ten R&D centers work for FPT Industrial all around the world. Active in nearly 100 different countries, its global sales and its Customer Service department supports all Brand customers. The extensive product offering includes six engine ranges with power outputs from 42 hp to over 1,000 hp, transmissions with torque up to 500 Nm, and front and rear axles from 2.45 to 32 tonne GAW (Gross Axle Weight). FPT Industrial offers the most complete line-up of natural gas engines for industrial applications on the market, with power outputs ranging from 50 to 520 hp. A dedicated ePowertrain division is accelerating the path towards net zero-emissions mobility, with electric drivelines, battery packs, and battery management systems. This extensive offering, and its strong focus on R&D, makes FPT Industrial a world leader in industrial powertrains and solutions. For more information, visit www.fptindustrial.com.

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