Vénissieux, June 5th, 2023

IVECO BUS showcases its complete electromobility offer at the UITP Global Public Transport Summit in Barcelona

IVECO BUS, a major European player in sustainable mobility and a leader in alternative energies, is taking part in the UITP Global Public Transport Summit in Barcelona from 5 to 7 June, confirming its commitment to sustainability in passenger transport with a display of two models of its electromobility offer.

As a pioneer in sustainable public transport, IVECO BUS is also taking part in a roundtable event dedicated to electromobility during the UITP Summit Congress and speaking in two Spotlight Forum Sessions.


IVECO BUS offers a tailor-made complete mobility solution that includes vehicles and dedicated services to support its customers in their daily operational requirements as they tackle the energy transition. The manufacturer’s unique energy-mix approach translates into an extensive offering with a choice of alternative traction technologies capable covering all missions and requirements.

 Vénissieux, June 5th, 2023


Leading European public transport brand IVECO BUS is making a strong statement about its pioneering commitment to sustainable transport at the UITP Global Public Transport Summit in Barcelona with the display of its complete electromobility solution on its stand and participation in Roundtable and Forum sessions. During the Summit it will cover its unique multi-energy approach to supporting transport operators in their energy transition, with a particular focus on electromobility. The manufacturer can rely on more than 20 years’ experience acquired in the field of electric transmissions for the development its battery-electric buses and intercity vehicles.


IVECO BUS’s zero-emission mobility solution is on display on a 400 m² stand (6E100), where IVECO BUS is showcasing its new 13m full electric suburban CROSSWAY Low Entry and a 9.5m E-WAY battery-powered midibus. An exclusive design battery pack is presented in an FPT Industrial area. An Energy Mobility Solutions corner dedicated to digital and fleet management services provided by the manufacturer completes the stand.

IVECO BUS representatives will contribute their expertise and industry knowledge to several discussions during the Summit: Jean-Marc Boucheret, Sustainable Mobility Manager, will represent OEMs at the UITP Summit Congress roundtable titled “Addressing public interest in the life of electric buses” on June 6. Jean-Marc Boucheret, Sustainable Mobility Manager will also speak at the “Accelerating Zero-Emission Bus Deployment II” Spotlight Forum on June 5, while Philippe Grand Product Manager Digital Services will take part in the discussion on “Secure Public Transport Systems: How best to tackle Cyberattacks” Spotlight Forum on June 7.

CROSSWAY Low Entry electric, a new asset for carbon-free suburban mobility


With the new CROSSWAY LE ELEC, shown in BARCELONA in 13-meter-long version, IVECO BUS is taking a further step forward in supporting the energy transition in suburban and interurban missions. It is available in 12 m and 13 m long versions in its city variant (Class I) as well as in an intercity version (Class II).


The new CROSSWAY LE ELEC is equipped with a central electric motor (330 kW kW output for a maximum torque of

2,200 Nm) and powered by an NMC Lithium battery pack assembled by FPT. This latest-generation modular battery concept offers an excellent standard in terms of energy density and charging capacity. The 5-, 6- or 7-battery packs distributed between the roof and the rear compartment offer 346, 416 and 485 kWh respectively for the Class I version and 416 and 485 kWh for the Class II version.


The CROSSWAY LE ELEC can be recharged in 5 hours at the depot using an individual COMBO CCS2 socket and is also available with optional charging by ascending or descending pantograph. It delivers a high performance with a range of around 400 km – enough autonomy to fully ensure missions beyond the city limits without local emissions.


The CROSSWAY LE ELEC is a full electric intercity bus with major advantages:


·        Optimal rationalization of autonomy, cost, and transport capacity.

·        Offering up to 44 seats on the 12m version and 48 seats on the 13m version, the CROSSWAY LE ELEC is the ideal bus for suburban missions requiring a compromise between seated and standing passengers.

·        Its structure, derived from the CNG version, maintains a low center of gravity and excellent drivability experienced with thermal versions.

·        Compliance with the most stringent safety standards such as Regulation R118.


Deliveries begin in mid-2023.


E-WAY new generation


IVECO BUS never stops developing its E-WAY range to always offer its customers the best in electromobility, and the new generation is the latest step forward on its path to carbon-free mobility. The IVECO BUS solutions for urban electric mobility are represented on the stand with the E-WAY 9.5m, a two-door night charging midibus with a camera mirror system.


One of the major new developments introduced on the E-WAY models is the evolution of energy storage and its modular concept. With 5 to 9 packs depending on the vehicle model, it will meet the most demanding requirements of operators in terms of daily range and passenger capacity. It is the latest NMC battery technology industrialized specifically by FPT for IVECO BUS, whose single-unit capacity reaches 69.3 kWh.


With this unique technology, IVECO BUS can now offer overnight charging at the depot on the articulated version of the

E-WAY.  The extended battery capacity will enable to provide a range of up to 400 km according to operation conditions.


Availability of these new batteries, distributed on the roof and in the rear compartment, will gradually be extended to all models:


·        The E-WAY midibuses will have an energy capacity of 346 kWh with 5 packs for the 9.5 m long version and of 346 kWh with 5 packs or 416 kWh with 6 packs for the 10.7 m long version. Charging will be done at the depot by Combo 2 CSS socket.

·        The 12-meter-long E-WAY are available with 2 charging modes according to the missions: at the depot by Combo 2 CSS socket or opportunity charge via descending or ascending pantograph. A combination of 5 to 7 packs for a total capacity of 346, 416 or 485 kWh will optimize the performance of the bus.

·        The articulated versions will accept both depots charging via Combo 2 CSS plug and opportunity charge with descending or ascending pantograph and will offer a choice from 6 to 9 battery packs for 416, 485, 554 or 624 kWh.

·        Both 12 m and 18 m long models will still be available in BRT (Bus Rapid Service) versions, called LINIUM.


The E-WAY will now be equipped with the new SIEMENS Elfa III electric motor that delivers 185 kW of maximum power

(3000 Nm) for the 9.5, 10.7 and 12-m-long versions and 330 kW (5000 Nm) electric motor for the 18m articulated version, as well as a new 8.2-tons front axle.


The new-generation E-WAY vehicles also feature a new rooftop battery protection with a tile design that provides easy access to the batteries. This results in the advantage of a height of less than 3,300 mm.


For thermal comfort, the E-WAY new generation will also offer a CO2 heat pump with improved air distribution system.

Compared to the previous generation of E-WAY models, these new technological features and the new batteries which provide the highest energy density (180 Wh/kg) of the market and higher installed battery capacity, enable to optimize the balance between passenger capacity or the on-board energy offered.


Deliveries of the new-generation E-WAY will start in the second half of 2024 with the 12 m long models.



Energy Mobility Solutions: a new world of additional services at IVECO BUS


As a true Electromobility advisor, IVECO BUS wants to support its customers in transitioning their fleets to zero-emission with the most efficient 100% electric solution that perfectly matches their final application.


With its dedicated team, Energy Mobility Solutions, the brand extends its offer to transport operators to include the complete and optimized management of their electromobility project, from the design of their vehicles and facilities all the way through to their implementation.


Energy Mobility Solutions will identify the best charging strategy, the specificities of the vehicle, the sizing of the batteries, the configuration of the chargers and the infrastructure the customers will need, perfectly matching the vehicle’s mission.


With Energy Mobility Solutions IVECO BUS supports its customers in transitioning their fleet to full electric with a comprehensive solution, providing the best user experience of its zero-emission vehicles.


A sustainable solution for every mobility mission


Highly committed to sustainable mobility and to the development of a low-carbon Public Transport system, IVECO BUS has always anticipated the growing needs of authorities, operators and citizens for cleaner vehicles that respect natural resources, the environment and public health by offering mature, virtuous, and eco-responsible transport solutions.


Whatever their missions and requirements, the IVECO BUS family vehicles provide operators with efficient, reliable, and environmentally friendly transport solutions to support them in their energy transition.


IVECO BUS’s line-up offers a wide mix energy (natural gas, full electric, hybrid, Euro VI-E HI-SCR) and numerous models (URBANWAY, E-WAY, STREETWAY, CROSSWAY, EVADYS, DAILY) that match to all people mobility needs from urban and intercity buses to tourism coaches and minibuses. Its product portfolio offers a choice of:


-         12-metre and 18-meter URBANWAY models available in Diesel, XTL and hybrid versions.

-         10.5-, 12-, and 18-meter URBANWAY CNG and hybrid CNG, biomethane compatible.

-         12- and 18-meter CREALIS in Diesel, XTL and Natural Gas and hybrid versions.

-         9.5-10.7-, 12-, and 18-meter full electric E-WAY

-         12-meter full electric STREETWAY

-         12-meter and 18-meter STREETWAY models available in Diesel and CNG versions

-         10.8-, 12-, 13- and 14.5-meter CROSSWAY Low Entry XTL compatible, available in Class I and II.

-         12-meter CROSSWAY Low Entry (Class I) CNG and HYBRID CNG, biomethane compatible.

-         12- and 13-meter CROSSWAY Low Entry (Class II) CNG and hybrid CNG versions, biomethane compatible.

-         10.8-, 12-, 13- and 14.5-meter CROSSWAY XTL compatible (Class II).

-         12- and 13-meter CROSSWAY (Class II) Natural Gas

-         12- and 13-meter EVADYS available in Diesel, XTL compatible

-         eDAILY full electric minibus, available in chassis version

-         DAILY minibuses available in Diesel and and CNG versions

-         DAILY Access city minibus in Diesel and and CNG versions


Adapted to all types of missions, IVECO BUS’s models offer a tangible solution to the necessary energy transition.




IVECO BUS is a brand of Iveco Group N.V., a global leader in commercial and specialty vehicles, powertrain, and financial services, listed on the Borsa Italiana in Milan.


A major player in the field of public transport, and among the leading bus and coach manufacturers in Europe, IVECO BUS designs, manufactures and markets a broad range of vehicles that meets all the needs of public and private operators:

- school, intercity and tourism coaches;

- standard and articulated city buses, including BRT dedicated versions; city midibuses

- minibuses for all passenger transport missions.


IVECO BUS benefits from a strong expertise in alternative energies vehicles and is now capable of offering a complete range running on compressed natural gas – fully compatible with biomethane – and in the electromobility field, to suit every kind of transport need. Thus, IVECO BUS positions itself as a reference partner to face the numerous challenges of sustainable mobility.


IVECO BUS employs over 5,000 people across four production units, in Annonay, France, Vysoké Myto, Czech Republic, Brescia, Italy and in Rorthais, France with its electromobility center of excellence.


The extensive IVECO BUS and IVECO service network guarantees assistance around the world wherever an Iveco Bus vehicle is at work.


For further information about IVECO BUS: www.ivecobus.com

For further information about Iveco Group: www.ivecogroup.com


For further information, please contact:


Mobile + 33 6 87 71 36 24