Taipei, Feb 15, 2023

IVECO launches new IVECO S-WAY heavy vehicle for on-road missions in Taiwan

Prosprise International, IVECO authorized Medium & Heavy-duty truck Importer and Distributor in Taiwan, has officially launched today the imported IVECO S-WAY range of heavy trucks with a GVW up to 44 tons featuring the best European vehicle design and manufacturing quality. The new range offers a choice of models that deliver high performance, fuel efficiency and sustainability, while providing a new driving experience. Prosprise International, which has been operating in Taiwan's heavy machinery and tools market for 60 years, will provide efficient and professional sales and service support for the vehicles.


The new IVECO S-WAY is a 100% smart heavy-duty truck. It is equipped with intelligent auxiliary systems that reduce CO2 emissions and raise fuel efficiency to a new level. It is an ideal choice for long-distance journeys and for transportation companies. The solution, the sustainable ally, the perfect travel companion for the driver.

The IVECO S-WAY guarantees exceptional fuel efficiency together with compliance with Euro VI emission regulations. It is equipped with a Cursor 13 in-line 6-cylinder high-pressure common rail diesel injection engine with a displacement of 12,997cc, that delivers maximum output ranging from 530hp to 570hp and peak torque of 235-255kgm. The vehicle features a high-efficiency single reduction rear axle, and a ZF HI-TRONIX 12-speed automatic transmission with the most advanced technology in its class, which stands out for the best torque-to-weight ratio and the long transmission oil change intervals.

The new range features high-standard vehicle safety systems as standard that meet active and passive safety protection requirements. They include ABS anti-lock braking system, ACC active follow-up system, ESP computer-controlled body stability system, AEBS automatic emergency braking system, LDWS lane departure warning, and parking start assist system.

Award-winning design, superior driving experience and life on board

The design of the IVECO S-Way flagship heavy-duty truck makes a strong statement with a dynamic, assertive styling that combines aesthetics with functionality. The vehicle has received the prestigious IF Design Award 2020 for the innovative design that delivers a high degree of functionality, ergonomics, safety, aesthetic and emotional appeal and spacial concept.

The new design takes aerodynamic performance to a new level. Every detail of the cab exterior has been studied with care to minimize air resistance. The new design of the roof, together with multiple features that reduce drag by closing gaps and the optimized aerodynamic kit, reduce the air resistance coefficient by 12%, and significantly improve fuel efficiency.

The front grille features a two-section design, with the lower section that can be used as a standing space for the driver to safely perform daily maintenance of the vehicle. The combined bumper and front anti-collision bar can provide protection for the driver and the vehicle, saving maintenance costs. Owners can also personalize the color and material combination of the bumpers and side skirts, with rubber extensions on the side skirts contributing to excellent aerodynamics and fuel efficiency.

The design and layout of the interior provide first-rate living, driving and working conditions. The spacious cab has been designed around the driver, with a comfortable standing height of 2.15 meters, ergonomic layout, excellent driving visibility, and multiple advanced functions. Ample storage space includes 250 liters of capacity on the upper shelf, the center console that can accommodate a thick A4 folder, a 100-liter refrigerator/freezer combination, and the new glove box comes with A 1.5-liter bottle holder and an exterior storage space with a large capacity of up to 380 liters.

The symmetrical layout design of the night rest area is equipped with the top-level AS wide sleeper cab, integrated upper and lower bunks to provide comfortable mattresses, and the rotary switch can control the light and light intensity, so that the driver can rest, relax and have a good night's sleep comfortably.

The new European IVECO S-WAY heavy truck is making its debut in Taiwan and is set to become the truck owner's favorite model and the driver’s home away from home.

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