IVECO BUS delivers an EVADYS to Autoservizi Borman for the Flixbus’s long-distance bus service

IVECO BUS delivers an EVADYS to Autoservizi Borman for the Flixbus’s long- distance bus service

Turin, 27 October 2022

IVECO BUS delivers an EVADYS to Autoservizi Borman, a suburban bus service company in Tricase (LE) for the transport service provided by FlixBus. The delivery ceremony, which took place in Bari at the headquarters of the IVECO dealer Di Pinto & Dalessandro, was attended by Valentina Ottobre, Administrative Manager Autoservizi Borman, Luigi Pagliara, Head of Traffic Autoservizi Borban, Pietro Scalici, FlixBus Transport Manager in Italy, Leonardo Di Pinto, CEO of Di Pinto & Dalessandro, Guido Ucci, IVECO BUS Retail Sales Manager in Italy and Giuseppe Vitullo, IVECO BUS Italy Area Manager Retail.

During the delivery ceremony, IVECO BUS and FlixBus announce the launch of a new project to make long-distance bus travel even more efficient, thanks to the use of an EVADYS on the route operated by FlixBus between Lecce and Naples from October. The EVADYS will connect Puglia to the Campania region 5 days a week, with stops in Lecce, Brindisi, Bari, Andria and Naples. The project announced by IVECO BUS and FlixBus is a valuable opportunity to bring together the various players in the bus transport chain, i.e., the manufacturer, the operator and the local company, around a common vision which is to provide people with increasingly efficient collective mobility solutions.

The 13-metre EVADYS will be put into service on the line between Lecce and Naples. It is equipped with the 400 hp Cursor 9 engine and a 12-speed Traxon gearbox, characterized by a predictive shift strategy that processes incoming data from the numerous sensors and compares them with the data collected by the GPS signal and, in connection with topographic cartography, is able to calculate the exact selection of gears and the exact ratio to be inserted. The EVADYS has a total of 47 seats, including 44 passenger seats, two hostess seats and one seat reserved for people with reduced mobility. In line with the specifications required by Flixbus, the vehicle offers excellent travel conditions and comfort for passengers who can benefit from WI-FI, monitors and toilets. USB plugs allow passengers to charge their mobile phones, tablets, MP4 players. Finally, to facilitate the boarding and disembarking phases of passengers in wheelchairs, the vehicle is equipped with a lift inserted in the middle door.

Benefiting from one of the best operating costs on the market, EVADYS offers transport operators unique profitability and versatility. Specially designed to meet the needs of regional and national routes, local and mid-distance tourism services,

airport shuttles and excursions, the EVADYS ensures optimum comfort and maximum safety for passengers, true simplification of driver’s routine tasks and operating profitability for transport operators, thanks to its extraordinary versatility, proven reliability, and optimized costs. In addition, the characteristics of EVADYS meet the requirements of FlixBus, which provides specific training to drivers to teach them how to adopt a driving style with low environmental impact.

Giorgio Zino Head of IVECO BUS Commercial Operations in Europe, said "We are proud to deliver this EVADYS to Autoservizi Borman for FlixBus’s long-distance transport, two partners with whom we have worked in synergy and who share our vision of comfort, reliability and safety. Thanks to this pilot project, the actors of the people transport chain unite around the common objective of efficiency and optimization of mobility aimed at meeting the requirements of environmental and social responsibility, thanks to a high-performance and versatile vehicle such as the EVADYS, a model highly appreciated by our customers”.

Borman Company has gained significant experience over the years succeeding in establishing in the transport sector. Founded in 1947, the company takes its name from its founders, Borrelli and Manni, who worked to meet the needs of local public transport of the time. In 1971, it acquired its first rental license, thus starting in the tourism sector. In the eighties, thanks to the regional transport plan, it turned to the execution of regular services and connection with the most important capitals, Bari and Lecce, developing in the territory at provincial and regional level. From then on, it enjoyed an important presence in the northwestern territorial area of Salento (Casarano, Racale, Gallipoli). In addition, over the last decade, the company has acquired an important national and international presence, thanks to the collaboration with the most important world tour operators and, becoming a partner of FlixBus Italia, has expanded its activities in Italy and Europe.

The delivery of the vehicle was ensured by the dealer Di Pinto & Dalessandro, which offers a wide range of services, including commercial advice, after-sales support and extensive assistance in the territory of Puglia and Basilicata.

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From left to right: Giuseppe Vitullo, Sales Area Manager Retail, Guido Ucci Italy Retail Sales Manager, Valentina Ottobre, Responsabile Amministrativa Borman Srl, Pietro Scalici Trasport Manager Flixbus, Leonardo di Pinto, Amministratore Delegato Concessionaria Iveco Di Pinto& D'alessandro SPA


IVECO BUS is a brand of Iveco Group N.V., a global leader in commercial and specialty vehicles, powertrain, and financial services, listed on the Borsa Italiana in Milan.

A major player in the field of public transport, and among the leading bus and coach manufacturers in Europe, IVECO BUS designs, manufactures and markets a broad range of vehicles that meets all the needs of public and private operators:

- school, intercity and tourism coaches;

- standard and articulated city buses, including BRT dedicated versions; city midibuses

- minibuses for all passenger transport missions.

IVECO BUS benefits from a strong expertise in alternative energies vehicles and is now capable of offering a complete range running on compressed natural gas – fully compatible with biomethane – and in the electromobility field, to suit every kind of transport need. Thus, IVECO BUS positions itself as a reference partner to face the numerous challenges of sustainable mobility.

IVECO BUS employs over 6,000 people across four production units, in Annonay, France, Vysoké Myto, Czech Republic, Brescia, Italy and in Rorthais, France with its electromobility center of excellence.

The extensive IVECO BUS and IVECO service network guarantees assistance around the world wherever an Iveco Bus vehicle is at work.

For further information about IVECO BUS: www.ivecobus.com For further information about Iveco Group: www.ivecogroup.com

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FlixBus is a young mobility provider. Since 2013, it offers a new way to travel, comfortable, green and suitable for all budgets. As a combination of tech-startup, e-commerce-platform and transportation company, FlixBus was able to establish Europe's largest intercity bus network, with more than 400,000 connections per day to more than 5,000 destinations in around 40 countries.

Founded and launched in Germany, the start-up combines experience and quality by working hand in hand with local SMEs. From its offices in Milan, Munich, Berlin, Paris, Zagreb, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Aarhus, Prague, Budapest, Los Angeles, Madrid, Bucharest, Warsaw, Brussels, New York, Kiev, Belgrade, Lisbon, Nuremberg, Istanbul, London, São Paulo and Sofia, the FlixBus team is responsible for network planning, customer service, quality management, marketing and sales, as well as business and technology development. FlixBus is relying closely on partnerships with small and medium-sized enterprises: our regional bus partners – often family-owned companies with decades of experience, are responsible for the green FlixBus fleet, complying with the highest safety and environmental standards. This is where the innovation and start-up spirit of FlixBus meets the experience and know-how of traditional SMEs.

Thanks to a unique international business model, millions of people across Europe have already travelled on FlixBus green buses, and thousands of jobs have been created in the sector.