Turin, Italy, December 1 st, 2022


In late November, in Maputo (Mozambique), FPT Industrial delivered a generator, donated within the framework of a project run jointly with the CNH Industrial Solidarity Fund and the WeWorld charity.

The project is aimed at mitigating the effects of climate change in the province of Manica, repeatedly battered by deadly cyclones over the last few years, by building resilient communities and schools as well as by improving risk management.

The handover ceremony was attended by Luisa Celma Meque, INGD President; Eduardo Berzi, First Secretary Italian Embassy in Mozambique; Paolo Gozzoli, Director of ICE Agency in Maputo; Piero Meda, WeWorld Representative; and was opened by a video message from Egle Panzella, Sustainability Manager at FPT Industrial.

The N45 SM 1A, 59-65 kW genset, donated by FPT Industrial and managed with the support of the local dealer Engineco, will guarantee continuity of electricity supplies following severe natural disasters affecting the grid, and will ensure the continuation of emergency-related operations by the School Risk Management Committees, Civil Protection operators and other emergency workers.

Intended to power hospitals, health centers and schools, the genset will greatly increase local people’s resilience against the effects of climate change, allowing FPT Industrial to take part in a practical direct project that involves support for communities, environmental care, firstaid training and promotion of all-round sustainability.

The joint commitment of FPT Industrial, CNH Industrial Solidarity Fund and WeWorld to the people of Mozambique is also the subject of the documentary film “Mozambique, rebuilding the future” that premiered in October 2022 at the Terra di Tutti Film Festival in Bologna (Italy), and which can be viewed at this link.

Based in Milan (Italy) and operating in 27 countries, WeWorld has been working for over 50 years to guarantee the rights and equal opportunities of women, girls and boys, through access to resources, health, education and work, and has had a presence in Mozambique since 2000.

“This important project includes key elements like emergency relief, reconstruction of schools and infrastructure, and education. These are all also areas of focus for the FPT Industrial brand with respect to its support of local communities” said Egle Panzella, Sustainability Manager for FPT Industrial, in her opening message. “Now the FPT Industrial-powered generator is in Maputo. We hope it will never be used, but at the same time we feel more confident that it can serve the local community in case of an emergency.”

“Thanks to FPT Industrial's support, we were able to deliver a generator to the Mozambican civil protection (INGD), which will be used to guarantee electricity supplies to the civil protection's warehouses and operational offices during the cyclone season”, explains Piero Meda, Mozambique Country Representative at WeWorld. “This concrete action has been made possible thanks to the involvement of FPT Industrial, which shares our commitment to supporting and boosting the resilience of Mozambican communities and Institutions. This genset represents FPT Industrial’s latest contribution to WeWorld projects in Mozambique, and we hope that this partnership will continue to be an integral part of our work.”