09-MAY-2022 | TURIN, ITALY, MAY 9, 2022


Presented at Tecnoshow Comigo 2022, the Leeb VL benefits from the performance and reliability of the FPT N67 engine from the renowned NEF Family

The engine’s attributes result in greater productivity, facilitating spraying operations

Agribusiness requires the most efficient and reliable technology to maximize production with the lowest operating costs. This is equally true in the sprayer segment, and FPT Industrial supplies the energy needed for all phases. A benchmark in the sector, the brand’s FPT N67 engine powers the Leeb VL sprayer, recently launched by HORSCH in Brazil. The machine was presented during Tecnoshow Comigo 2022 in Rio Verde (Goiás) at the end of March.

A member of the renowned NEF Family, offering 6.7 liters of displacement, six cylinders, and 280 hp for the Leeb VL, the engine provides high torque, power, and long maintenance intervals. These attributes result in greater productivity, facilitating spraying operations.

In terms of technical characteristics, the FPT N67 features Common Rail injection and four valves per cylinder, ensuring high performance and low fuel consumption. Stage 3a compliance is attained with I-EGR (Internal Exhaust Gas Recirculation), without any additional components. The Fixed Geometry Turbocharger (FGT) optimizes the power curve even at low RPMs, providing maximum engine performance in adverse conditions, resulting in greater operator control and machine performance, as well as better fuel efficiency.

“FPT's technology is recognized globally, and is also a benchmark for HORSCH for its sprayers sold in Europe. With this concept, the German brand’s customers can now benefit from all the energy and productivity they need in their Brazilian operations,” says Edinilson Almeida, Product Marketing specialist at FPT Industrial. “Our focus is to develop solutions designed to provide the best customer experience.”

The reliability of the NEF Family is proven by almost two million units produced worldwide, for different types of mission in the off-road, on-road, marine, and power generation segments.

FPT N67 Horsch Leeb VL tecnichal specifications

Displacement: 6.7 l

Power output [HP]: 280 @ 2000 rpm

Torque [Nm]: 1035 @ 1500 rpm

Cylinders: 6

Valves per cylinder: 4

Air intake: Fixed Geometry Turbocharger with Wastegate

Injection system: Electronic Common Rail

After-treatment technology: I-EGR

Turin, Italy, May 9, 2022