12-JUL-2022 | TURIN, ITALY, JULY 12, 2022


FPT Industrial and Blue Energy Motors have signed an agreement with the goal of deploying the very first LNG trucks in India, powered by FPT N67 NG BSVI compliant engines, on the country’s roads by the end of the year.

Headquartered in Pune (India), Blue Energy Motors is a Zero Emission truck technology company engaged in manufacturing of clean energy trucks, and its vision for LNG truck production involves partnerships with world-class suppliers such as FPT Industrial.

The companies are both committed to an active and swift decarbonization path in the commercial transport segment, and share the same strong belief that LNG trucks are a sustainable option for the market.

This agreement is the first step in a potential long-term partnership, based on the specific characteristics of the Indian commercial transport market. With a total truck fleet of about 3.5 million vehicles and buying decisions driven by TCO, the adoption of LNG technology is expected to be rapid once it passes the TCO parity threshold. In addition, increasingly stringent emission standards in India - BSVI being the equivalent of Euro VI – will increase the competitive advantage of LNG vehicles.

“We are pleased and proud that Blue Energy Motors has chosen us for this majorevolution in Indian commercial transport,” said Sylvain Blaise, President of Iveco Group Powertrain Business Unit. “This agreement is of the utmost importance for FPT Industrial, now and in the future, as we want our leading technologies toplay a key role to support the ecological transition of one of the world’s largest vehicle markets.”

“We believe that the fight against climate change is fundamental for the future of all of us, and Blue Energy aims to be part of this climate initiative and believes ininnovation driven sustainability,” says Anirudh Bhuwalka, CEO Blue Energy Motors. “We are working todeliver a zero-tailpipe-emissionstransport solution, and to do so we need all the experience and expertise of the world’s leading producer of low-emission engines: FPT Industrial. In India, Governments, fleet owners, and other stakeholders are demanding near-zero-emissions solutions, and with FPT Industrial’s NG engines we can deliver this solution now.”

The FPT N67 NG BSVI compliant engines will equip Blue Energy Motors clean energy trucks, delivering the very high torque needed in India for transport industry applications. The most powerful natural gas engine on the market and compatible with CNG, LNG and biomethane, the N67 NG uses stoichiometric combustion to assure best-in-class fuel consumption and lower noise than diesel engines, with up to 40% fuel expense reduction versus diesel equivalents in the Indian market and 28% less CO2 emissions.

Turin, Italy, July 12, 2022