26-JUL-2022 SHANGHAI, CHINA, JULY 26, 2022


FPT Industrial has achieved a new milestone with its 10,000th ATS, which recently went offline at its Chongqing ATS plant in China, fully demonstrating the company’s considerable R&D technical expertise and manufacturing prowess.

In 2021, FPT Industrial set up a production plant in Chongqing to manufacture its After-Treatment System (ATS), specializing in the production of an after-treatment system to meet the requirements of the GBVIb emission standards for diesel engines. Thanks to FPT’s latest-generation high-efficiency SCR After-Treatment System (HI-eSCR), FPT Industrial Cursor GBVI Family (including Cursor 9, 11 and 13), with a displacement ranging from 9L-13L, providing a power output of 290-560 HP and maximum torque of 2500 Nm, is suitable for domestic on-road applications such as trippers, tractors, and trucks.

FPT GBVI ATS adopts the unique Ti-V worry-free after-treatment technology and the patented Hi-eSCR technology – NOx conversion efficiency > 95%, up to 98% –, effectively reducing NOx emissions and fuel consumption, featuring high sulfur resistance characteristics and lower exhaust temperature requirements, effectively improving the engine’s performance.

Moreover, thanks to the EGR-free structure, FPT GBVI ATS provides a simpler and more compact layout for the engine. Additionally, due to the DPF passive regeneration strategy, there is no need to force parking regeneration, which permits a longer maintenance interval, and the DPF service interval of ATS has been increased to 450,000 km, a 50% increase over competitors, which consequently improves vehicle uptime.

FPT integrates the spirit of excellence into every detail of the product manufacturing process. From raw material storage to post-processing delivery, the ATS plant adopts strict quality controls to ensure that the delivered products have ‘zero defects’, such as material inspection, parts assembly, 100% EOL function test, etc. As a result, the FPT Industrial ATS plant has achieved zero-kilometer 0ppm since 2022 and its products are highly trusted and recognized by customers.

"Past achievements highlight FPT’s strong scientific research capabilities and quality requirements for excellence. Future challenges will certainly provide an opportunity for us to continue to break new ground. Drawing on its existing achievements, the ATS plant will continue to consolidate and enhance its technical capabilities, further improve production and quality control, and introduce more reliable, cost-effective and versatile products to the market,” commented Zhou Junwei, ATS Plant Manager.

Shanghai, China, July 26, 2022