We at Iveco Group are at the cutting edge, drawing on the pioneering spirit that has characterised our Company, from our deep-rooted heritage to the innovative brands of today. However, we are not alone on this journey: strategic partnerships make it possible for us to move quickly ahead and advance a more sustainable society. This is what we call the ‘Iveco Group Way’.

Product technology, investment and know-how


At Iveco Group we utilise the latest technologies to ensure our customers operate profitably and successfully in the rapidly changing mobility scenario. We have created a network of likeminded partners and a well-defined partnership strategy to bring in specific expertise that complements our core business and in-depth know-how, enabling us to meet and exceed our customers’ requirements. Our ambitious plans developed together with partners contribute to our joint success, particularly when it comes to innovation.

Service and energy ecosystem


Since the path towards sustainable mobility cannot be driven by OEMs alone, we actively advocate for supportive measures and a consistent policy framework worldwide, as well as ample availability of critical elements, starting from the semiconductors needed to produce chips and the complex supply chain of batteries for electric vehicles. Our relationship with trusted suppliers, bold policy makers and global energy providers are founded on a commitment shared by our entire ecosystem to move at the same pace and provide customers a solid framework of enabling conditions as they transition.

New markets and business models


Iveco Group relies on partners and suppliers to provide the components, expertise and support that are essential to maintaining our technological edge. We have embarked on a smart journey together, introducing new business models to drive and shape the evolution of the industry in the areas where we currently operate and in new markets, anticipating market trends, offering leading products and services, and always putting our customers first. We assess how our products and services might be revised or redesigned to deliver more value to the end user, and we can only do this in a cooperative environment that allows us to improve time-to-innovation and go beyond the obvious. Our partnership ecosystem is built around a market-disruptive operating model, open innovation and change management that extracts the full potential of all the players.

Our main Partnerships