If you missed BEYOND – Iveco Group Days, you can find the recordings from the Press Conference and all the Keynote Speeches, Duets and Roundtables from the event here. Find out more and let us take you BEYOND.

BEYOND - Iveco Group Days  - Press Conference

-   Skills for the Future Mobility: How high-level training is changing - Guido Saracco, Rector, Politecnico di Torino.
- The Sustainable Future of Road Transport - Luca Sra, President, Truck Business Unit, Iveco Group; Giulia Genuardi, Head of Sustainability Planning and Performance Management, Enel.
- The Development of Sustainable Mobility - Anthea Greco, Partnerships Lead, Via.
- The Future of Urban Mobility - Domenico Nucera, President, Bus Business Unit, Iveco Group; Mohamed Mezghani, Secretary General, Uitp.

-   Coffee, Pizza & Pop Corn and The Future of Mobility - Bernardo Bertoldi, Professor of Economics and Business Management, University of Turin.
- New Business Models for Moving People and Goods - Simone Olivati, President, Financial Services, Iveco Group; David Nothacker, Co-Founder & CEO, Sennder.
- Artificial Intelligence to Imagine the Factory of The Future - Massimo Cavazzini, Head of Industrial EMEA, AWS.
- To Get to the Moon ad Back Requires Future – Proof Operational Skills - Annalisa Stupenengo, Chief Operations Officer, Iveco Group; David Avino, Chief Executive Officer, Argotec.

- Digital Trends for a Smarter Planet - Barbara Poggiali, President, Fondo Italiano di Investimento (FII)
- The Future of Powertrains - Sylvain Blaise, President, Powertrain Business Unit, Iveco Group
- Propulsions Technological Roadmap - Philip Scarth, Head of Open Innovation, Powertrain Prod. Engineering, Iveco Group; Giorgio Ricci, Head of Powertrain Manufacturing Operations, Iveco Group; Daniela Vinci, CEO, MASMEC; Sascha Kelterborn, President, Microvast Holdings, Inc.; Neeta Khare, Director Battery, Fuel Cells & MD, Potenza.

The Future of Artificial Intelligence on the Road - Marco Liccardo, Chief Technology & Digital Officer, Iveco Group.
- Digitalization: How Products and Services are Evolving - Fabrizio Conicella, Head of Digital and Advanced Technologies, Iveco Group; Alan Sofilic, Head of Electrics & Electronics, Iveco Group; Jacopo Corsi, Head of M&H Trucks Product Engineering, Iveco Group; Shawn Kerrigan, Co-founder and COO, Plus; Thomas Dieckman, Technology and Innovation Officer Commercial Vehicles, ZF; Sarah Greasley, Director, Solutions Architecture EMEA, AWS; Ivo Boniolo Co-founder and  Chief Operating Officer, e-Novia.

- Hydrogen in Heavy Duty Commercial Vehicles - Martin Zeilinger, Exec. VP and Head of CV Development Tech Unit, Hyundai Motor Company.
- The Right Time For H2-Mobility - Giandomenico Fioretti, Head of Alternative Propulsion Business Development, IVECO; Jorgo Chatzimarkakis , CEO, Hydrogen Europe; Cecilia Renzi-Fouvri, VP Hydrogen Energy South West Europe, Air Liquide; Hannah Bryson-Jones, Principal, Element Energy; Luigi Lugaro, CTO, SASA Bolzano; Martin Zeilinger; Exec. VP and Head of CV Development Tech Unit, Hyundai Motor Company.
- Electrification: Threat or Opportunity? - Laura Galli, BEV Business Development Manager, IVECO; Thomas Fabian, Commercial Vehicles Director, ACEA; Paola Pillon, Global Accounts Director, Enel-X Way; Giuseppe Mastroviti, CTO and COO, Brebemi A35 Highway; Anita Toni, Head of Funding & Partnerships, ARRIVA.
- Bio-Methane: The Future is Now - Mattia Maritati, Gas Business Development Manager, IVECO; Thomas De Boer, VP Commercial Road Transport, Shell; Harmen Dekker, CEO, European Biogas Association; Manfred Gius, CEO, Biogas Wipptal; Jean-Marc Boucheret, Sustainable Mobility Manager, IVECO BUS.

- Iveco Group and Nikola: Leading the Charge - Gerrit Marx, CEO, Iveco Group; Michael Lohscheller, President, Nikola Motor.
- Propulsion Evolution and Partnerships Ecosystem - Pierpaolo Biffali, Head of Powertrain Product Engineering, Iveco Group; Anirudh Bhuwalka, CEO, Blue Energy Motors; Chris Mann, Chairman and Chief Technical Officer, Bennamann; Francesco Farinetti, CEO, Green Pea - Board Member, Eataly - Partnerships, Fontanafredda; Oscar Baroncelli, CNH Industrial; Alessandro Rossi, Chief Technical Officer at Azimut | Benetti Group.

- Career DayFrancesco Tutino, Chief Human Resources and ICT Officer, Iveco Group; Mirna Zerekly, Head of Talent Management, Iveco Group.
- RoundtableAnnalisa Stupenengo, Chief Operations Officer, Iveco Group; Marco Liccardo, Chief Technology & Digital Officer; Francesca Greco, Power Transmission and Valvetrain Systems Engineer, Iveco Group; Shahram Falati, Customized Sales Program Manager, IVECO.