About us

On the road to a new energy future

A new energy future

We have a history of developing pioneering solutions and now we are starting a new chapter. We are Iveco Group, a Company committed to transforming our business and leading the change to a more sustainable future.

Strategic priorities

Product Range
& Positioning

Build leadership

Reposition heavy-duty trucks for profitable growth


Improve quality

Capture pricing opportunities

Step up operational performance

Maintain lean structure


Offer solutions for specific customer missions

Support zero-emissions /  carbon-neutral transition

Grow third-party business


& Partnerships

Target best-fit and think-alike partners

Bring leading edge solutions to our customers


Deliver best TCO and customer experience across the lifecycle

Grow recurring service business


Our diversified business portfolio, strong presence across the full range of commercial and specialty vehicles, complete powertrain offering, and focus on advanced sustainable solutions make us a global leader in the transport and commercial vehicle industries, serving customers around the world.

Iveco Group in numbers

Our Brands

Iveco Group is the house of eight unique, yet unified Brands. Our product range includes Light, Medium and Heavy Commercial Vehicles (IVECO), Powertrain (FPT Industrial), Buses (Heuliez, IVECO Bus), Financial Services (Iveco Capital), Specialty Vehicles (IDV, ASTRA and Magirus).

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